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Eric Bertelsen


Eric Bertelsen was a computer programmer for over 31 years, a career that took him from entry-level to eventual ownership, finishing out his career as a supervisor and senior programmer for Pawnee Leasing in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He developed his love of photography with his first film based SLR camera in High School and built a darkroom at home. His learning took off when he got his first digital SLR camera and, he could take as many pictures as he wanted without the need for expensive film.  In 2019 he finally got up the courage and realized his dream to spend more time perfecting his photography as he started his own photography company, Glorify Photography, and spent many long days enjoying the miraculous moments of the world around him with his passion for landscape photography.


“Thank you for allowing me to do what I love by photographing the glorious world around us and, hopefully, you enjoy the pictures a small fraction as much as I enjoy taking them!”


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